Help your dog transition from ‘Before’ to ‘After

Video of Max (nervous system disorder)

Lynn on Dexter's post operative healing

…my husband and I easily coated Dexter's paws with the product (I'm sure we'll do a better job next time - I was very nervous). Minutes later, I cried when I saw Dexter walking over the tile floors with confidence. He can lay down and get up without slipping, and I was able to remove all of the yoga mats and throw rugs from our floors!! We all thank you for this wonderful product, and will be constant customers.
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D.M.’s geriatric Labrador

We had tried some rubberized socks, but they always seemed to slip right off or get wet when he went outside to take care of business. Pawfriction has been great. He immediately slipped much less after applying the product and seemed to be more confident in his back legs.
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Carla and her Pomeranian

…she’s no longer afraid of floors in my house.
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Changed Kayos’ dog’s life!

This has totally changed her quality of life.
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Ali Miller – Lucky can walk again!

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