Blog For Our Paw Pals

Blog For Our Paw Pals

You Won’t Regret This

WOW.... All can say is thank you. We had an aging chocolate lab that suffered a spinal stroke and lost use of her leg hind leg. She had a lot of difficult walking on the hardwood and the ceramic, especially when wet. First application lasted almost two weeks, she was...

Glad We Decided To Try This!

Our dog doesn't seem to mind it and doesn't try to lick it or chew it off, so that's great. And it isn't abrasive, so we haven't seen any scratching on our floor from it. I'm really glad we decided to try this! A. Murphy

How do I take care of a senior cat?

This is an excellent question and, if you are reading this I love that you are asking about this subject! That is what we at Pawtology have dedicate our whole lives to; teaching you how to take care of your senior pets. Take a look around our site and follow our blogs...

What is the best senior pet food?

Ok, so the first thing that I have to say is that the world of pet food is driven by marketing, at least a lot of it. In reality, there are not specific ingredients or qualifications that a diet has to meet to be called a senior food except that it must be able to be...

Is Grooming Safe for Senior Cats?

Is Grooming Safe for Senior Cats?

Contrary to what I said about dogs, I am quite a bit more worried about taking a senior cat into the groomer. Why? It has to do with senior cats and their ability to hide this case, I am specifically talking about heart issues. Cats are notorious for a...